One Last Hurrah For Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack

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Microsoft is dropping the price of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack for the last week it will be even remotely relevant.


Modern Warfare 2 comes out next week, which means there will be a lot less people playing the original game on Xbox Live once it drops. Until then, why not bone up on your Modern Warfare tactics with the Variety Map Pack? The "Killhouse", "Creek", "Chinatown", and "Broadcast" maps probably wouldn't be worth their original 800 Microsoft point price at this point, with only a week before they become obsolete, but what about for half of that? Are four new maps you probably won't ever play again in seven days worth $5 to you?

Probably not, but now you know. Be gentle, PC gamers.

UPDATE: The PlayStation 3 version is also on sale for $4.99, while the PC version is still free.


Deal of the week: COD4 Variety Map Pack for 50% off [Major Nelson]

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Don't worry, Fahey, I'll be gentle.

It's good to see that console gamers get a bit of a break on the map packs but you have to ask yourself, why is this happening just now?

It would have made more sense to do this some time around summer as then more people would be tempted to buy the maps since MW2 would have still been a good length away.

Now, half the people who didn't buy the maps will probably not buy them now since MW2 is coming out. #callofduty4modernwarfare