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Could Grand Theft Auto V star CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Tommy Vercetti from GTA: Vice City and Nico from GTA IV?


One image percolating over at Reddit makes the case, comparing three stills from yesterday's GTA V trailer to iconic images of the three lead characters of the last three console GTA's. (Click the image to expand it.)


Vercetti was voiced by actor Ray Liotta in Vice City. The actor's management told IGN he wasn't involved in the making of the new game's trailer, which had a narrator that sounded like him and was saying things Tommy might say. That's being interpreted as meaning Liotta did not work on GTA V. Niko Bellic's voice actor, Michael Hollick ran afoul of Rockstar when he went public with his dissatisfaction for his pay for the game, which may have disqualified him from future work on the series. A lack of these voice actors, of course, doesn't indicate a lack of these characters. As for CJ's voice-actor, Young Maylay, we're unaware of what he's up to these days.


Rockstar Games has selected where GTA V takes place. They've not said a peep about who is in it or who we'll play as.

I know I've seen these people before... [Reddit]

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