While the number three will always hold a special place in the Triforce-powered Legend of Zelda series, Link's next adventure embraces a much larger lucky number to describe the sheer scope and size of the biggest Wii game yet.

Nintendo's own Shigeru Miyamoto unleashed the number 100 on the crowd during this morning's press conference in Japan, first using it to give viewers an idea of just how big a project Skyward Sword is for the company. Brandishing Link's signature sword, Miyamoto explained that the game took a team of more than 100 five years to complete.

In a press release accompanying the conference, it was noted that sizable team crafted more than 100 minutes of cinematic cutscenes to help shape the game's story.

And while that seems like a rather large number of non-interactive moments, in the face of Miyamoto's morning proclamation that the game could last 50 to 100 hours, it's only a small fraction of the overall experience.


So yes, 100 is a significant number for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and who knows — maybe once the reviews start hitting it'll become even more so.

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