One Headache Averted

To: Ash
From: Crecente

Loved your piece this morning on White Dog and its tangential link to Dante's Inferno. Great stuff. I finally, finally finished playing through Aliens Vs. Predators this afternoon. Single player is meh, but man there are some AMAZING multiplayer modes.


It appears all it takes is one movie review for a lot of people to forget our commenting policies, despite having four posts a day in which they can go off on random tangents.

What's so disappointing is that people decide to derail potential on-topic conversation with complaints about the topic of a story instead of just moving on. It's like some people feel that they are obligated to read every story on Kotaku. I guess that's nice, but I'd prefer they skip the stuff they're not interested in, or at least not waste everyone's time with unrelated comments.

Comment moderation is a big deal, allowing people to fill a post with off topic conversation and name calling could potentially end with the post overrun by trolling, memes and off topic commenters.

I know you know that we not only don't mind when someone disagrees with us, we like it, just so it's civil and about the story at hand.

And the star commenters, they're supposed to be the intellectual of Kotaku. In theory people should be able to click on "show featured discussions only" and get a nice cross section of on-topic opinion about the topic at hand. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

As a reminder commenters should read this.


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I hope many commenters read this note (although they might not, with a title about headaches. I've seen a good deal complaining (mostly on multitap) that to get a star all you have to do is stroke the editors' egos, while as to lose it and/or get banned you just have to disagree with them.

Which is, of course, utter bollocks.