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Commenting. Regular features. Kotaku culture. If you are new to the site, there's a lot to absorb. It would be great if somebody condensed everything into one easy to follow guide. Somebody did.


Reader deanbmmv did. His guide explains the star system, profile pages, the hashtag system and even how to view a NSFW-free Kotaku. There are nuts and bolts things like how to do things in comments like embed images, put HTML and link to other comments. There are also housekeeping bits like how to submit Comments of the Week, a breakdown of special posts and a refresher on general etiquette.

This is the guide that we should have made, but never did. Like we said, Deanbmmv did. And for that, you should thank him.

We also thank reader bakagaijin for nominating deanbmmv's comment for Comment of the Week — we just did one better and decided to give the comment its own post.

Read the manual here.

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