Ikea is known for its low-cost, low-quality, do-it-yourself furniture. That, and its meatballs. Since meatballs make lousy computer enclosures, Overclock.net community member Kaxtos went with a Galant unit for the basis of his gorgeous desk-built PC. I'd say it was a wise choice.

Nothing quite this beautiful has ever seen the inside of an Ikea. Kaxtos took the basic Galant right-side desk ($160 at your local Ikea meatball restaurant) and built upon that shaky foundation this masterpiece of a custom PC. It's got shaped wood panels, curved Plexiglas with skillfully sanded decorations, a touchscreen CPU monitor, and tons of blue LED lighting, the hallmark of a proper PC case mod. He even crafted custom light tubes out of PVC pipes. That's ingenuity!


All in all it looks like the entire project from start to finish took Kaxtos a little over a week, or almost as long as it takes to put together a piece of Ikea furniture.

I've always wanted a desk-built custom PC, but then I think about how much I love to change around my furniture and the craving stops. Now and then the urge rises anew, and I live vicariously through folks like Kaxtos here. Thanks, Kaxtos!

Hit up the link below for a full gallery of production shots.

Project KAPROS - IKEA Galant PC Desk Mod!!! [Overclock.net]

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