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One Game's DLC Costs $3000 (And That's On Sale)

Everyone likes to complain about how developers try to nickel and dime their audience with paid downloadable content. But this game takes the cake. It’s insane.


I put the question to Mark: how much is too much for DLC? He got a bit miffed at the DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, but that’s only in the realm of $25.

My first thought was the Dynasty Warriors series. They, like many anime brawlers, have an absurd amount of costume and armour packages that are far more expensive than they should be.


But then I came across Train Simulator 2016: Steam Edition. It’s US$45, which is fairly standard for niche titles with a hardcore fanbase. Dovetail Games were even generous enough to have a special on the DLC.

And then I saw how much DLC there was.

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Whoa. 230 packs of DLC. That’s a lot. And the first three are pretty pricey. But if most of them are free or 50 cents then it’s fine.

So I added everything to my Steam cart and, well, it wasn’t cheap.

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US$3061.91 for all the Train Simulator 2016 DLC. And the majority of those add-ons are at a 40% discount as well.

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

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Seems like this comes up at least once a year about this same “game”. the devs don’t expect anyone to buy or want to buy all this dlc. It’s a sim made for hardcore train lovers. Not really a game in the traditional sense. Most people into trains are into specific models of trains and would only buy those types so they wouldn’t need or want all this dlc.

It sure does make good clickbait when times are slow though right?