One Excellent Hour With Rockstar Games, Talking Red Dead Redemption

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Missed our live Kotaku podcast with Rockstar Games today? No problem. You can now download our one-hour conversation with two of Red Dead Redemption's creators. Lots of good RDR info within — not all of it about me hunting animals.


Hosts: Brian Crecente, Stephen Totilo
Guests: Jeronimo Barrera and Rob Nelson of Rockstar Games
Ranter: Owen Good

Don't expect every secret in Red Dead Redemption to be revealed in this podcast. Lassoing in multiplayer? Sure. [UPDATE: Rockstar notifies us that they misspoke on the podcast; no lassoing in multiplayer. But! Careful listeners will hear other details, like shooting birds while riding trains IS confirmed.] Poker in multiplayer? No comment yet.

My favorite part was sharing the story of my first hour with the game. Tons of crazy stuff happened when I played RDR for one hour, with Jeronimo and Rob at my side, shortly before our podcast began. We talk about my play session plenty, and deservedly so, because it was a quality hour of gaming.

Wait no longer. You need to hear this. So download away. It's free, of course.

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I caught the part about you thinking it was a good idea to shoot your horse in the face.

As I learned in my last relationship, shooting others in the face doesn't really make them responsive to bonding.