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One Day Your Grandkids Might Play Final Fantasy Versus XIII

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a game that exists. But for players, it exists only in screenshots and trailers. And has so for many, many years.

That looks like it won't be changing anytime soon for the game. Late last week, Square Enix confirmed which games it will be bringing to E3. Big, highly anticipated titles like Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs made the list. Noticeably absent? Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


In this month's Game Informer, Final Fantasy Versus XIII game director Tetsuya Nomura said this about the game: "We would like to ask for your patience on an official announcement for this title. It always takes time when tackling the challenge of doing something completely new, but we are doing our best to bring information to the fans as quickly as we can. Your patience is greatly appreciated."

This comes as earlier this spring, Nomura seemed ready to talk about the game, adding, "We're almost done with preparing the latest info for the game." However, Nomura and Square Enix did not provide any new info about the game, which was announced back in 2006.


"Because of a totally unrelated reason," Nomura added, "there are circumstances in which that info cannot be released."

This game was announced way too early. Square Enix had not begun work in earnest on FFVXIII and should never had revealed the game. Doing so, makes the studio look highly inefficient and is building up unreasonable expectations for the game.

With Versus XIII seemingly absent from this year's E3 gaming expo, the next logical venue to show off Final Fantasy Versus XIII is this year's Tokyo Game Show. It would make more sense, seeing as how Final Fantasy's biggest fans are traditional domestic players.


Last year, however, it was absent from TGS. Hopefully, it will be there eventually so you can play it before your grandkids.

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