One Day Our Superhero Gamers Will Earn Some Respect

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As teams of professional gamers battle for a $5 million prize in Seattle, our first look at Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage suited up for the action comedy Pixels is soaking in '80s gamer dork stereotype.


From an animated short that celebrated gaming to a full-length motion picture that — well, I guess it's supposed to still be a celebration, but it just looks so awkward. In this Entertainment Weekly shot (via Polygon), we see arcade heroes of old the way many gamer kids felt back in the 80s — awkward and out-of-place, clinging tenaciously to virtual accomplishments that made us feel special.

The movie's about an alien race that's mistaken old video game footage for threats, turning our seeming greatest weapons against us, forcing the President of the United States to call upon his childhood friends and former video game champions for help, so the fact that we get a trio of goofy misfits comes as no surprise.


Eventually we'll all get over that, and when the president needs to call on video game pros, they'll look just like regular people.

And yeah, I am a little jealous of the mullet.

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How Adam Sandler still has a career at this point blows my mind. I

While I'd say this movie has a strong premise to be a stupid, funny movie, his involvement instantly makes me extremely skeptical : /