One Day Metal Gear Solid Could Evolve into Metal Gear...Social

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Listen up, social butterlfies. Stealth series Metal Gear might eventually contain social game elements. According to creator Hideo Kojima, social and core games will evolve together, until they converge.


"I think in the future maybe Metal Gear will change in certain ways to integrate social aspects," Kojima told website CVG. "If you look at other games on the market now you can see it's already happening, so Metal Gear may at some point get involved."

Kojima said he had lots of ideas how social aspects could make Metal Gear "more fun". And who doesn't like fun?


"The goal is not to say social or core, it's using social to integrate different core groups, so you have the core audience but then, via social methods, hardcore gamers can interact with less hardcore players."

CVG interviews Hideo Kojima at E3 [CVG]

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Guarantee if they're not "hardcore" enough to just play the game then they're not going ot be interested in a Facebook version of said "hardcore" game.

The problem with E3 and every developer these days is they're bending over backwards to impress an audience that doesn't care. A lot of my friends don't know what Playstation Move is and can't remember the name of Kinect and have never tried one. Casual gamers don't care enough to be targeted like this.

I imagine if they did watch E3 or read these things and see themselves called "casual" gamers amongst other things all the time they'd just feel patronised anyway.