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In today's slightly late (sorry!) edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Gusi A. Rincon puts forth the argument for a unified console. Forget the console wars! If the big console makers would all just declare peace, everyone would benefit.


Right now the best that could happen to the Game industry (just hypothetically speaking) would be a "band together" of the 3 big M N S. there are several reason why this benefits both gamers, the industry, and the companies themselves.

Making all the 3 companies work together means there will be only 1 Console. with the best from all the companies,


From Sony: The Blu Ray technology.
From Microsoft: The Online Service.
From Nintendo: Their share of the market that is composed of Casual Players.

This will also benefits Developers.
-They license cost will be down from 2 or 3 consoles to just 1.
-There will be no problems with ports or compatibilities.

And gamers.
-End of the console wars.
-We would enjoy of the exclusives special for those who will benefits from 1st Party line Games like Nintendo games.

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