Mirror's Edge 2 was just announced. Online across the globe, gamers are excited. While many are looking forward to the sequel in Japan, there is a group of gamers there who are not thrilled with how the protagonist looks.

This isn't the first time gamers in Asian have objected to Faith's appearance. Back in 2008, a Korean fan, unhappy with Faith's looks, decided to give the Mirror's Edge character a makeover (below) that apparently would make the character more appealing to Asian gamers. It's sometimes true that Asians and non-Asians have different appreciation of physical appearances.

At that time, the game's producer Tom Farrer told Stephen Totilo that he found the revamped image "kind of sad", adding, "We wanted her to be attractive, but we didn't want her to be a supermodel. We wanted her to be approachable and far more real. It was just kind of depressing that someone thinks it would be better if Faith was a 12-year-old with a boob job."


Those comments set off a flurry in Japan, with people online writing an array of responses that ranged from "There's no way Japanese would accept a face like that" to "But foreigners think slanted eyes are sexy". Some in Japan, however, did find the original character design appealing.


Now in 2013, gamers in Japan once again seem upset by Faith's appearance—even though, the game's trailer barely shows what she looks like. Above, you can see a much clearer look.

In Japan on Twitter, people generally seem more excited, simply tweeting out the game's release info.

On Japan's most popular gaming sites Hachima and My Game News Flash, however, commenters are going off on the character design. "The main character is once again way too homely," wrote one. Other added that the character was "not cute" or just plain "ugly".


"Yep, just like before, slanted eyes," added another commenter.

One gamer even wrote, "Dear EA, Dragon Age is also like this, but why are all the faces this fugly?"


"We said change this," wrote one commenter.

"Once again," added another, "this looks like a face that Japanese gamers won't accept".

It's really to early to tell! In the images EA released, the Mirror's Edge protagonist does look slightly different, which isn't uncommon. Character designs do tend to evolve over time, and that seems to be the case here.


One commenter online in Japan did like how the character's mouth looked. At least there's that. I guess.

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