Once Again, Gabe Newell Says Why PCs Are Great

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PC owners, you probably already know this. Valve boss Gabe Newell sure does and lets everyone know for the umpteenth time that PCs matter. Why? Because certain people think they don't.

In the latest issue of PC Gamer UK (via website CVG), Newell said that PCs are "great value for money".

"People like their PCs," said Newell. "There are huge numbers of them and each person gets to have the one that they like rather than the one that someone else has defined for them."


PCs allow gamers to have it their way. Like Burger King.

"There were 350 million PCs sold last year so the economies of scale are tremendous so you get great value for money," added Newell.

Yet, people continue to say PC gaming doesn't matter. When they do, Newell will swoop (again) and let them know why PCs do matter (again). Bet he gets tired of doing that.

PC News: Gabe Newell explains why PC games still matter [ComputerAndVideoGames.com]


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Oh great. More fuel for the militant pro PC crowd. I miss the days when PC fans were just chill about the fandom instead of using the fandom as a blunt morningstar against any perceived threat, gaming console, tablet, smartphone, whatever. People need to stop drinking the Internet haterade.