On Thursday, Get Monument Valley

It's been a rough few weeks for mobile gaming, with stuff like ratings scams and cloning scandals sapping people's faith in the platform to delivery quality content.


How nice it is, then, to sit down and play Monument Valley.

I got the game on iPad last night, and haven't been able to put it down. A seemingly simple puzzle game, it's got a lot in common with echocrome, in that you're manipulating the stage to create optical illusions that allows you character to traverse pathways that they really shouldn't be able to.


But good Lord, it looks, and sounds, amazing. It's a puzzle game, yes, but it's never frustrating, or tense. Indeed, it's one of the most relaxing iOS games I've ever had the pleasure of playing, thanks to its soothing soundtrack and beautiful levels.

It's out on Thursday for the iPad and iPhone.

Monument Valley [Site]

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