On The Worst Day Of Christmas Dante's Inferno Gave To Me...

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The Dante's Inferno marketing team sinks to new lows in this "The Worst Day of Christmas" trailer. Two purple peaks? Really?

Have you ever been embarrassed for someone else? The moment the music starts up in this holiday-themed Dante's Inferno trailer my cheeks started getting warm. By the time the first line came out, they were deep crimson. "On the worst day of Christmas Lucifer gave to me..." Ug. Someone had to sing that. Not only did someone have to sing that, they probably had to do multiple takes, while other people were watching. Is there a circle of hell for marketing that makes you vaguely uncomfortable?

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Today is the worst day of Christmas. I got my copy of FFXIII in the mail and my PS3 died on me 10 minutes into the game. :[