On The Case With Aviary Attorney

When you’re an innocent anthropomorphic animal accused of murder in 1840s France it doesn’t matter if your defense attorney has an insatiable hunger for worms, as long as he also has a thirst . . . for justice.


Developer Sketchy Logic’s successful Aviary Attorney Kickstarter proved that what adventure game fans craved was something like Phoenix Wright, only with a lead character closer to an actual Phoenix in the animal kingdom. Emboldened by Kickstarted funds and engorged with oft-regurgitated bird-based puns, Sketchy Logic’s curious egg hatched on Steam earlier this week.

And so I hatched a plan to . . . nope, no more bird puns. Watch me play this game. It’s a joy.

For those of you who’d rather not watch a video, here’s a quick synopsis: A frog has been murdered, a cat has been arrested, and the cat’s father hires Jayjay and Sparrowson to exonerate his daughter. Bird puns ensue. Great bird puns. Then come horse puns. Jayjay uses his deductive reasoning. Sparrowson uses his tenuous grasp of how the law works.

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Or maybe he’s onto something.

In the video I play a portion of the first of four cases included in the game’s initial release. There is much clicking, poor French pronunciation, and a brief cameo by a small child who had no idea what was going on but is a big fan of words.

You really should watch. Or just go buy Aviary Attorney and play. Either one should be pretty entertaining.

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This game is charming as hell.