On Steam, Square Enix Wants 30 Bucks To Put Tomb Raider into Japanese

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Starting April 25, Square Enix is offering a "Japanese Language Pack" on Steam that includes subtitles and a Japanese language voice track for Tomb Raider.


Do know that the Japanese packaged version will have language support when it hits shops later this month. The Steam version, it seems, is slightly different.

According to the game's Steam listing, Tomb Raider comes with an array of voice and subtitle options that include German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Arabic. Languages that get subtitles only are Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Czech, and Portuguese.

Japanese is not supported. Thus, the Japanese Language Pack is being sold separately and aimed at Japanese speakers who purchase the game on Steam. The pack costs US$30, which sounds pricy in any language.

While the game costs $50 on Steam, the packaged version in Japan is around $80. Jacking up the price with a Steam language pack is how Square Enix can, I guess, make sure Japanese gamers pay through the nose.

Tomb Raider goes on sale in Japan on April 25.

トゥームレイダー 「Japanese Language Pack」販売のお知らせ [Square Enix via 2ch]

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Not sure how I should feel about this one. The game already has a good English dub, so I don't need a Japanese one just for kicks. Only exception would be if the subtitles are especially-made for the Japanese dub, so instead of using the English script it is a faithful translation of the Japanese script.