Old School Family Games Were Wonderfully Violent

A ticking time bomb, a kid-friendly version of Russian roulette and a game about smashing a naked man's body apart with a hammer — and they say video games are too violent?


The most recent episode of YouTube series TheyActuallyMadeThat takes a look at how families passed the time at night before cellphones, computers and video games. "Hey kids, let's turn off the television and shoot each other in the face!" I guess it sounds crazy when you put it that way.

My family never got to play fun games like Pie in the Face. We were a Monopoly home, despite the fact that no one actually enjoyed playing it. It was less happy fun time, more perceived obligation. Maybe we should have just shot each other in the face with water and been done with it.


Violent Family Games | They Actually Made That?! Episode 7 [YouTube via Neatorama]

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