Last week's 'Shop Contest posed the challenge of creating downloadable content well ahead of its time—like, back in the 1980s and 1990s. Could our smart shoppers take classic franchises and serve them up with virtual tchotchke's just as money-grubbing and half-assed as modern games? Find out inside!

Leading off, Halfbee (5) supplied a nice zinger. Jorvid (8) knows my feelings for Asshole Dog, and delivered nicely. BigMike McCarthy (1) delivers, as always, this time with a Nintendo/Team Fortress 2 hats mashup.


Plenty of folks had the idea to do text adventure DLC, but Captain Smurf (2) either got in first or had the best joke, I forget which. Probably both. pan1da7 (14) imagined a Nintendo virtual shop back in the NES days. the7k's Street Fighter concept is brilliant, and a timely criticism to boot. Metalive (12) did the best of the Oregon Trail entries.

Kharon (9) comes up with something I swear I've seen elsewhere. If that's not a mod, it should be. miyagiCE (13) had, by far, the most hilarious DRM joke. THE_MOOGLEKING (18) also had a good DRM gag (that "adapter" makes me snort every time) but also stacks a ton of DLC cartridges on top of it. MOOGLEKING's 'Shop was a crowd pleaser, for sure, and it was tough to turn it down for my overall No. 1. But I'm going with TEL9021 (17); while some others had the same thought, he had the best execution, both in giving Mario a bank accoubnt and for supplying some really insane prices.

Congratulations everyone! Tomorrow we'll have a new contest, for 400 Kotaku points.

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