Old Republic Combat Will Be Choreographed, Fabulous

Regular-kind MMO combat ain't gonna cut it in Star Wars: The Old Republic, says BioWare. The developer is gunning for something a little more impressive. To hear BioWare honcho Greg Zeschuk describe it, we're all gonna be thinking "From the top now! Five, six, seven, eight!" every time you fire up the oversized lightsaber in PvP. “Star Wars is choreographed, it’s elegant; it’s big, powerful moves and lightning bolts flashing, but in a way that makes sense visually and aesthetically," Zeschuk told videogaming247. "One of the goals we have it to create this choreographed type of combat that looks as though it could be taking place in a Star Wars movie.” I think one of the weaknesses of Episodes I through III, frankly, was the overchoreographed saber combat, especially when they spent zillions on it and a dollar-ninety-five writing the script. The whole point of the movie seemed to be about driving things to that moment. But in an MMO, yeah, I could get behind it. The Star Wars games have been great about taking the best of what's left in that franchise — the visuals — and letting us put our own story behind it, and certainly an MMO is a much broader canvas for such things. I'm just worried about facing off against a bunch of super serious role playing Jedi who are all cognizant of hitting their marks and getting things just right. It could end up like like a comics convention duel — or worse. The Old Republic Melee Combat Will be "Choreographed" [Videogaming247 via Gamersreports]


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