Inspired by Crecente's posts about Epic Mickey I went digging for some older Disney stories. That brought me to E3 2001 stories. That brought me to paragraphs about how awesome the GameCube debut line-up was at that show.

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So, yes, E3 2001 was the debut event for Disney's latest shock gaming production, the Square-Enix-developed Kingdom Hearts. That one was arguably a stranger project than a Mickey Mouse game made by the creator of Deus Ex.

But E3 2001 was also the first time reporters, myself included, could play GameCube games. I remember being blown away, but I don't think even I was so impressed as to suggest Star Fox Adventures was an adequate stand-in for a new Zelda. You know, Star Fox, the series we've also been discussing this week?

Here's Nintendo at E3 2001, according to Robert Evatt, writing in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, in May of 2001.

And the games! Everything they displayed was astounding. Leading the pack was Luigi's Mansion, in which Mario's timid brother does some low-tech ghostbusting with a vacuum cleaner. The lighting and mist effects were incredible, but the real kickers were the mirrors that reflected everything back perfectly. As beautiful as it was, it also managed to be extremely fun.

Rogue Squadron 2 also blew audiences away, as it was the first game to create the ships from Star Wars with perfect accuracy while keeping amazingly fluid animation. Wave Race Blue sported water effects that looked absolutely real, with water droplets even splattering on the camera.

Super Smash Brothers Melee had the Nintendo mascots beating the stuffing out of each other, while the odd Picmin [sic] allowed players to control more than 100 little creatures at once. There was no Zelda game on display, but Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet should keep adventure enthusiasts more than happy.


Any Star Fox Adventures acolytes out there?