Old Game Boy Ads Weren't Exactly Family Friendly

Nintendo's cultivated an image as the most squeaky clean creator on game company block, but it wasn't always that way. And by that I mean the '90s were weird, you guys.

Gaming tumblr Pxlbyte brings us a smattering of old ads for the Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket, a few of which are oddly... sexual.


And then there's this one, which is just... um.


Wow. Wooooooooow.

I did a little more searching myself and found a couple about how the Game Boy is—shockingly!—better than inflicting horrible bodily harm on yourself. I never would've guessed.


Those faces. Horrifying! That pun. Maybe worse.

So there you go: some hyper weird sexualization, cultural insensitivity, and pure, unbridled terror. Because when I think of the Game Boy, I totally think of those things. Just like Quake always reminds me of nightmare-inducingly creepy family gatherings.

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