Oklahoma Kills Violent Video Game Tax With a Sick Quicktime Event That Stabs a Shard of Glass Into Its Eye Socket and Suffocates it With a Grocery Bag

The tax on violent video games proposed by Oklahoma representative William Fourkiller has been rejected by the Oklahoma House Revenue and Tax Subcommittee.


Fourkiller's proposal had been modified to focus on creating a task force looking into video games' relationship to obesity and aggression. It was voted down 5-6.

In the minutes from the subcommittee meeting, State Representatives Pat Owenby and Mike Reynolds questioned the need to focus specifically on video games.

"It's not a good idea. We could have a task force on a multitude of reasons children are obese." said Rep. Reynolds.

"Why just video games?" asked Rep. Ownbey. "Why not French fries or rap music or movies?"


A good question! Though I'm not sure I can see the argument for rap music contributing to obesity. I know when I get crunk/hyphy, I burn lots of calories.

Notes from the A&B Subcommittee on Revenue and Taxation [Oklahoma Watchdog via Ars Technica]

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