Oklahoma's no friend to M-rated games. But, still smarting from the defeat of an unconstitutional anti-games law back in 2006, some legislators still want the state's contempt for mature games known. Through tax breaks.


GamePolitics reports that a proposal before the Oklahoma legislature would offer tax breaks to developers of video games, but only if the work is rated T for Teen or more wholesome. Filmmakers would also qualify for a tax break, but they're only restricted from making child porn or anything "obscene." Seriously, that's the standard. So, M-rated Bionic Commando: Rearmed? Nope! But Showgirls II: Revenge of Gina Gershon? Why, you can still shoot on location in Tulsa!

The bill's sponsor explained that when he went around trying to drum up support, the first thing out of everyone's mouth was whether or not it'd include age restrictions. He said he didn't want them, but he felt compelled to compromise on the point just to see this through to a vote. This thing's probably gonna die anyway, because Oklahoma, like every other state, has a budget crisis and that always shuts up the cut-taxes demagogues real quick.


Anyway, good luck with that Oklahoma. I'm sure Ubisoft was thinking about developing "Imagine: The Waltonz" but oh only if there were a friendly government where it could set up shop.

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