A sequel to Buckaroo Banzai isn't in the works as far as we know. And that's terrible. But if Hollywood ever comes to its sense, there's an awesome movie poster ready to tell people about the return of the best genius weirdo action hero ever.

You've wondered to yourself, "Y'know, a Last Starfighter sequel would be rad, with all of the improved movie-making and game-making technology we've got in the year 2014." So has artist Doaly, one of a couple dozen artists who've designed movie posters for promoting non-existent sequels for beloved films as part of the Sequel art show. This weekend in Los Angeles, geek art gallery I Am 8-Bit is displaying posters for Fight Club 2, 2084 and a would-be Blade Runner successor as part of its Sequel exhibit. You can check it out for free, too. More info on the gallery's official site.