Okay, That Chipotle Ad Is Amazing...But It's Also Not Honest

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Last week, a trailer/ad for a Chipotle game went viral—and if you've watched it, it's easy to see why. The ad creates a Pixar-esque world where one brave Scarecrow decides to stop participating in a culture of processed, genetically altered food.


It's good...but also kind of weird to think about, when you consider Chipotle is a corporation itself (making the message seem a little conflicted), and no matter how well-delivered the ad is, it's still trying to sell you a product/brand. Also, it definitely uses meat products.

Enter the Funny or Die folk, who have created a more honest parody of the ad, where Chipotle is more upfront about their intention and manipulation. This version even has its own version of that haunting Fiona Apple song!


Honest Scarecrow - watch more funny videos

Here's the original, for comparison's sake.

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Not to mention that there is nothing inherently wrong with genetically engineering food.