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Okay, Final Fantasy XV, Your Jump Button Is A Problem

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hi, Final Fantasy XV. You’re weird and I like you. But we need to talk about your jump button real quick.

Specifically, the fact that your jump button is the same as your “interact” button. Do I need to jump? Press X. Need to open a door? Press X. Need to talk to an NPC or visit a store? Press X.


It wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that almost every single time I’m trying to interact with something or talk to someone or open a door I wind up JUMPING UP AND DOWN ENDLESSLY AND THE INTERACTION PROMPT ONLY APPEARS WHEN I’M IN MIDAIR AND OH MY GOD

(Deep breath)

There is a very specific type of coiled frustration that I feel when a game dangles an interaction prompt just out of my reach. Final Fantasy XV does that more regularly than any game I can remember. While Square Enix is patching the story, I hope they’re also patching the jump button.