Okamiden's E3 Trailer Has Me Conflicted

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Okamiden, a DS successor to PS2/Wii classic Okami, seemed like a good idea at the time. Now there's a 3D Nintendo handheld, though, does anyone else wish the game was destined for that platform instead?

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Paradox me

I'm about 20 hours into Okami on the Wii and I regret not playing it sooner. Such a fantastic game, and I think the Wii controls are really good.

Sometimes things don't go so well, like drawing a full circle on water for a lilypad and it decides to become a gust of wind, but other than little stuff like that I couldn't imagine using anything but the Wiimote/stylus for the Celestial Brush techniques.

I've always heard that Okami was a great game that no one played, and I'm starting to see that. Few folks I've talked to didn't even know what it was. They should do a fancy shmancy HD port for the PS3 once Move lands, just so more people will give the game a second look. It deserves it.