OK, Yes, the New Need for Speed Game is Basically Burnout

A few years back, when EA bought Criterion, the developers of Burnout, people got worried. Worried that the team would be wasted churning out Need for Speed games.


What a stupid worry that turns out to have been. Criterion's first Need for Speed game, Hot Pursuit, was brilliant, and their second - the upcoming Most Wanted - looks even better. Why? Because it looks just like Burnout Paradise 2. Only now they get to use real cars!

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For me, Paradise was the weakest in the Burnout franchise.

The fact that I had to drive around this fairly large city to find events - it took what I loved about Burnout and added a massive dose of unnecessary bloat to it. If Criterion had added the ability to start events from the pause menu (assuming they could do it with a very short load time) then it might have saved that game for me; but they didn't (or couldn't).

So, if Most Wanted adds elements of Burnout, and an open world like Paradise - then hopefully Criterion made some huge strides in user interface by making it far more easier to jump to events, etc. Same goes for changing vehicles - I don't want to have to drive to one of a few car change lots.

Need(for speed)less to say, I'll be waiting for some good reviews and a demo before I purchase.

(Bonus Point - It'll be fucking awesome if Criterion adds the song "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle to the track listing. Cruising around in a Police Cruiser with that song blasting while you're chasing down some pot junkie punk in his sports car. Then they could add that song to their marketing campaign - it'll be the hippest TV spot since GTA Vice City when they had the song "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls...)