OK. What Would You Do About It?

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Rep. Tim Murphy discussing the Tucson shootings. We have a Constitution that prohibits government restraint of most creative works, and guarantees a right to own firearms. Both can be called problems as well as values. Thanks truthtellah for the pullquote.


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Democrat's say... It was Republican's and their freedom to speak.

Republican's say... It was the liberal way we just let music and video games just hang out right there with no restraint.

This is why I hate both sides. Both sides want to destroy Freedom of Speech, just they fuck you from two different directions.

Why can't the guy just be fruitloop crazy?

And if we need to blame anyone... Why aren't we blaming Hitler, we know he read his book. Why can't we blame him? Is it cause he's dead? Old news? Or maybe... Just maybe... Someone who doesn't further anyone's Political Spin.