OK, THIS Is A Racing Rig

Earlier in the week, we posted a rather nice-looking racing rig. Thought it was pretty swish. All that did, though, was prompt reader The Dude to email in, saying "You call that a racing rig?!"


Well, yes, we did, but his exclamations were for a good reason. See, he pointed us towards I-Way. Which is, quite frankly, almost too extravagant to believe it actually exists.

But exist it does. Located in Lyon, France, I-Way opened last year and boasts 18 "simulators", which is a rather demure way of saying "real racing car with three surround screens and a freakin' hydraulic movement platform". There's even multiple types of car on offer: you and your fabulously wealthy mates can race I-Way's custom simulator "game" in one of six Formula 1, Rally or Endurance vehicles.

As New Kingdom say, though, Paradise Don't Come Cheap. One session in the F1 cars will cost you €90 (USD$120). The Rally and Endurance cars cost €75 (USD$100) & €60 (USD$80) respectively, while you can buy a package deal (where you race in all three) for €200 (USD$265).


What recession?


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