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We all have our gaming blindspots. Genres or series we don't know as much, or play as much, as we would maybe like to. Even those of us paid to be around them all day can't play everything. For years I've been content to let one of my biggest - DotA games - slide. I play more than enough games as it is, I'd say, if I ever needed an excuse.


Well, no more. I'm getting proactive this year, pulling myself up by my bootstraps, letting Crusader Kings II and FIFA rest for a while and will be plunging headfirst into the world of League of Legends.

The only catch is, well, I'm about as fresh as virgin snow. So some help would be appreciated.


Seeing as the game has been around for years (and the "genre" even longer), and has such a fiercely competitive scene, I'm a little anxious. I'm also not the type to just go find a FAQ or something, because that's terribly impersonal.

So I'm going to ask for your help instead. What are some genuinely useful tips for a newcomer? One who, for a little guidance, prefers to smash people in the face himself rather than sit back and cast spells like a coward? I'm thinking of the best paths, items, maps, stuff like that.

And if you don't have any tips for a newcomer, then even shouting out with your favourite stuff will be helpful!

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