Oh Terrific, They're Still Remaking Videodrome

Man, when will the pillaging end? When will they stop remaking movies that seriously, really and 100% truly do not need remakes?


So now comes the news that not only is the a remake of David Cronenberg's 1983 freakout film Videodrome is still happening, but ad-making talent Adam Berg, who has done some nifty ads like this one that reminds me of that ZombiU trailer is now helming it. Super.

Up top, see a trailer for the original movie. Seriously… that was a trailer. For a movie. And now, we've got slow-mo super-clean HD bullcrap. I don't know, this remake business is turning me into a grump. First Total Recall, now this.


But hey, this is the OT, so enough from me. Some prompts: Do remakes tarnish the original? Or is it okay, as long as the original still exists? Are we shouting into the wind here? What's the worst film they could remake next, where does it end?

Feel free to discuss that, or something less curmudgeonly, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have a wonderful hump-day chat. And hey, maybe have a good hump-day hump, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

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All in all, I have no problem with crappy, needless remakes. I DO have a problem when people can't/don't respect the originals, or confuse the trendy update as the trendsetter (also known as the "why do all these bands remake Glee songs" syndrome). I know that puts me dangerously close to hipster territory, but they are classics for a reason...

I say every new remake must be shown as a double feature, or at least with a small documentary about why the original was so awesome, and where to find a copy for future viewing :p