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Today the Steam surprise fairy dropped a particularly peculiar game on our doorsteps: Oh... Sir, a one-on-one fighting game where you duel not with sticks, stones, or guns that fire cars, but words.


It’s a small game born of a game jam, but it’s charming and good for a few hate-laughs with your friends, rivals, or—most reprehensible of all—family. Just in time for Christmas.

The game sees two gentlemen trying to send each other to The Special Burn Ward For Upright And Fashionably Groomed Fellows with insults that each player handcrafts from a list of possible pieces. You take brief turns selecting parts, which can include subjects like “your mom” and “your hovercraft” (the traditional nuclear family), connectors like “and,” and insulting phrases like “has bad breath” and “still uses Windows Vista.” You’ve gotta be quick, or else you’ll end up with half a quip while your opponent snatches up all the connectors and insults you into a puddle on the ground.

It’s local multiplayer-only, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because playing in person is good and fun and watching true hate blossom is a beautiful thing; a curse because if people could play this online, we wouldn’t need third-party voice chat programs in multiplayer games anymore. This could act as a substitute. Instead of curse words and ugly slurs, people could hurl gentlemanly insults at one another—all day, every day.

Oh well. Oh... Sir is still fun for a bit, and it’s completely free. Check it out here. Or, if you’d prefer to insult your computer instead of other human beings, there’s always insult swordfighting.

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