Oh No, Someone Put Nic Cage's Face All Over Halo

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Fun fact: Nic Cage's face can improve everything—including, yes, Halo. Just don't expect things to feel as dramatic when you see Nic-Cage-Cortana talking to Nic-Cage-Master-Chief.

This mod, which replaces all textures with Nic Cage's face, is pretty hilarious—as you can see in this video by Gunner:

The thing that happens around the three minute mark? Too good.

Cagelo part 2 [Gunner]

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Something Wong

Fun prank for anyone that doesn't know about chrome extensions:

Download the nCage extension for Chrome on your victim's computer and watch in joy as every image turns into a different picture of Nic Cage.

Nic Cage, he's the gift that keeps on giving.