It may not be my favourite game of all time, but Sierra's classic Quest For Glory II certainly comes close. It's not the funniest game, or the most enjoyable, but it's part of a series in which the player's sense of place in a living world was almost absolute.

A lot of the things people love about, say, Skyrim - a day-night cycle, NPCs moving around with a daily schedule, improving your traits through action instead of assignment - they all could be found in the Quest for Glory games, which were made decades ago.


So you can understand why I, and a lot of other adventure game fans, are excited by the news that Cory and Lori Cole, Quest for Glory's creators, are getting back into the business.

They're planning to make a five-game series called Hero-U, set in a Hogwarts-like school for magicians. I don't need to hear anything else. I just need to know where to start leaving my favourite frytakemymoney.gif.

Hero-U [Official Site, via Mashable]

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