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Oh My God It's A Dog Taking Down A Helicopter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

"We're adding a dog to Call of Duty," they said. "It'll be really cool." And we assumed they meant it; we assumed the dog would be cool. Little did we know the dog would be this cool.

The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts features some neat stuff, and some dumb stuff. It's got debris falling from space, wrecking U.S. infrastructure. (Neat!) And it's got the U.S. under attack from… forces… and uh, some new excuses to put some guns in the hands of some dudes and let them kill some other dudes. (Dumb!)


But for a few glorious seconds, it transcends all that boring human drama. For a few glorious seconds, Call of Duty Dog turns up and TAKES DOWN A MOTHERFUCKIN HELICOPTER.

This is so awesome that I'm going to slightly alter my stance on Call of Duty Dog dying in this game. If some bad guy kills the dog just to score Emotion Points and make us hate him, then the people making this game are hacky jerks. But this new clip, immortalized in GIF form up top, has me reconsidering Call of Duty Dog's capabilities.


I mean, if Call of Duty Dog dies while, say, piloting a jet carrying a nuclear bomb far out over the Pacific Ocean in order to detonate it a safe distance from Los Angeles… I mean, it'll be a tragedy, but a noble one. I will salute Call of Duty Dog, but I will not mourn for him.

While making the above GIF, Chris pointed out to me that this is actually the second bit of canine wartime badassery we've seen in the last 24 hours. The first being this clip from Ubisoft's just-announced Valiant Hearts.


Spin-off idea: Valiant Hearts Dog time-travels to the present day, where she and Call of Duty Dog team up to take down Hitler's great-grandson (and his Nazi dog). See, Hitler never died because Valiant Hearts Dog's children weren't around to lead… uh… the soldiers who… uh... wait…


Okay, I still have to flesh out the finer points. But you gotta admit, the raw materials are solid gold.