Oh Man Look At This Witcher 3 Figure

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I am not normally a man to be wooed by the giant heads of a Nendoroid figure, but holy crap, this one is Geralt. And he comes with the bathtub.


Out in September, it’ll cost around $45. It includes two heads, both his regular and silver sword, some Gwent cards and, yeah, that bathtub.

Maybe the best part of the whole thing, though, is the promo video that Good Smile Company shot with Maul, the world’s greatest Witcher cosplayer.

Here’s some shots of the figure:

Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs cosplay.kotaku.com.

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...I can’t believe I want this when I haven’t played any of the Witcher series. Its the bathtub that’s the coolest.