Oh Look, They Got Runescape 3 Working Again

Illustration for article titled Oh Look, They Got emRunescape 3/em Working Again

Look at all of those graphics. That's at least seven or eight graphics right there. After a day spent staring at a black screen, Jagex has finally tweaked Runescape 3 enough so that I can see those shiny new graphics. I completely forgot why I was in that cave.


But the reason I am in that cave is inconsequential. The big news here is that you can be in a cave right now with countless other spelunkers of fortune for completely free. All you need is a compatible browser window and low expectations. Go play.

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Legitimate question: I quit Runescape 3 minutes into the game. Why are people subscribing to this? There are many games out there that seem better, like WoW.

I bold the word seem because I understand everybody has different reasons for playing a game. I'm just interested in seeing why people can stand the subscription model for what is essentially a browser game. If it's all free to play, then sure, but...