Titanfall: pretty great game, yeah? Well, with one exception—the shoddy matchmaking system that continually fails to pit players against similarly skilled players. The good news is that thanks to an update, that's gonna start changing.

Here's what the new matchmaking update brings:

1. Searching for teammates and opponents will now sometimes take more time to look for players that are a good skill level match, rather than purely prioritizing speed over quality. This will give us more time to build better teams and create closer games that are worth staying in for a longer period of time.

2. Rather than playing against the same opponents over and over, the game will periodically split the teams apart and search for new opponents for each team. This means if one team is dominating, we will update the skill for all of the players and then find each team a better suited match for the next round. Did you lose to a really great team? We'll make them disappear and replace them with a new opposing team - and they will have no idea that you just got your butts kicked. This should end some of the frustration with playing for extended periods when you're having an off night.


The changes are immediate, but you have to play in the new "Improved matchmaking (Beta)" playlist, which is under "Play Classic MP." They expect to expand the changes to other playlists after some observations and tweaks.

Here's hoping this means I get put into fewer matches where the entire enemy team has like 5 generations on me. Geeze.