The rise of smartphones and mobile gaming means that there’s also been a rise of bathroom gaming. (Don’t act like you don’t do it.) But there hasn’t been an uptick in games about bathrooms. If you’ve been waiting for one, Men’s Room Mayhem offers you some relief.

MRM looks like it’s going to be fairly standard time management game in the mode of genre classic Diner Dash. But it does make me think about the unspoken tensions of the shared latrine. We all have things that we like to happen—and not happen—when we’re answering nature’s call. Me, I have a strict “no talking in public bathrooms” rule. It means I’m a terse and sometimes even visibly annoyed conversationalist if you try to chat me up in the loo, even if we’re the best, oldest friends. So I really hope there’s no talking in Men’s Room Mayhem.

What I find most ironic about MRM showing up on the Vita is the fact that Sony’s portable isn’t the best gaming device for toilet gaming. Not terribly pocketable and some games require both hands. Let’s hope Men’s Room Mayhem takes on these important issues in the game.

Wash Your Hands! Men’s Room Mayhem Coming to PS Vita [Official PlayStation Blog]

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