Oh, Deer | Wildlife officers in Florida killed a 16-foot Burmese Python that was a bit ... distended. Inside it was the intact carcass of a 76-pound deer. [South Florida Water Management District, via AP]

Are These Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer Maps?

Several outlets this morning have posted what appears to be the layouts of the 16 multiplayer maps for Modern Warfare 3, giving fans a glimpse at their size, exploits, bottlenecks and what have you. More »


NBA 2K12 Works Overtime on a Problem with Roots in the Dreamcast

Within five seconds of introducing himself to YouTube as MrPurple0, the guy is off on a nonstop, highly personal tirade condemning 2K Sports and NBA 2K12. Were it transcribed, it is hard to imagine a period between any of the sentences. More »


If You Have Two iPad 2s, Here's an Easy Halloween Costume That'll Blow Everyone Away

This reader, Mark, is a pretty bright guy—he's literally a rocket scientist, working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., where he's spent six years helping to design the Mars Science Laboratory launching next month. Last night, Mark went to a Halloween party with this twin iPad rig. Start up a FaceTime video chat, add a torn sweatshirt, fake blood and, of course, duct tape, and it looks like you've blown a hole clean through yourself. More »


The Video Game Preview of a Tiger in Winter

This March will mark the third straight year in which Tiger Woods is not the sole star on the cover of a video game named Tiger Woods. But that shouldn't suggest that the golfer, winless since an embarrassing marital scandal broke two years ago, is being eased out by EA Sports. More »


Sounds Like Rainbow Six: Patriots is the Name of the Next Game

The ever vigilant Fusible has found what may be the name for the next entry in the Rainbow Six series. Rainbow6Patriots.com and RainbowsixPatriots.com were both registered by Ubisoft two days ago. More »


Meet the Cover Star of Battlefield 3

The grim-faced soldier gracing the packshot of Battlefield 3 has a history with the series. He's Dennis Lennartsson, a motion-capture actor selected by DICE to star on the cover of this year's game. More »

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