Oh Dear: New Sonic Unleashed Trailer

Oh Sega. Here we were, getting all optimistic about Sonic Unleashed, to the point where we'd even dropped the long-necessary "oh, but it's Sega, it's Sonic, it'll suck" mantra. And then you go and release this. It's not the gameplay we're worried about (since the trailer doesn't feature any), but the tone. We thought it had been made explicitly clear that there were to be no more humans!


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Poochy:Those 50 year olds (Mobians/Sonic Fans) aren't right in the head and will take ANYTHING Sonic, no matter how full of trash it is. It's why we have a Archie comic that should have ended 7 years ago, but for the money they pay Sega, it keeps spinning on and on and on. Right into it's grave.

If @Orionsaint: values his brain, he will stay as far away from DA, FA, FF as possible when it comes to Sonic stuff.

I'm proud of your doe-eyed love and defending of Sega and Sonic, but he's always been held to the same levels that everyone holds other platformers against, even Mario and he's failing so bad right now, it's a shame. And this has been a steady downhill slide from Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast till now, every story adds in a little bit more suck or one more shitty friend at a rate which if it keeps going, the video games will rival Archie's published shitfest within two years. Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes, Sonic PS3/XB360, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Riders, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic and the Secret Rings (Which is the LEAST broken out of all of them), that is a uncalled for, disgusting, overwhelming ball of utter shit from Sega, all with Sonic in it. Mario's had maybe 3 duds in his lifetime and one of which was a teaching title, which is like a automatic pass, they all suck.

Leave Sonic alone? Fuck that. Some of us were playing Sonic one while most current Sonic fans were sucking at their mothers's tit for breakfast lunch and dinner, but much like Sonic, Sega pissed away it's home consoles too, catering to idiots. I bet you, like

@jenovasilver: think the Archie Comics are as thrilling a read as "Kingdom Come or "The Long Hollween" too.

Fanboys/girls are always fun to debate with because you can never see the flaws in the beams your using to shield your most beloved thing. Mario gets crapped on too, but at least there, Nintendo, or a Nintendo run second party has always delivered soild, entertaining gameplay without straying too far from the OG idea. Sure more characters have been brought in, sure sometimes people get tired of the basic core platforming. But you know what? The game people often call the worst Mario Game (Sunshine) pisses all over the efforts out of Sega with Sonic in them in the last seven years.

It's funny how it always falls to a second party (Or third party) to deliver the best Sonic Game you can possably get. I stand by my statement that Bioware will deliver such a disgustingly well done Sonic RPG that no one will ever be able to stand the half done, half ass efforts of Sega ever again, because after years of shit, they will taste honey.