Another year, another Nintendo handheld packed with pornography under the Christmas tree. Last year it was a five-year-old and a used 3DS. This year it's an eight-year-old and a supposedly brand-new 3DS.

According to a report from WAVY10 News, Tom Mayhew purchased a "new" Nintendo 3DS for his eight-year-old son from a Walmart in Hampton, Virginia on December 23.

On Christmas day, the son and some other children from Mayhew's extended family were playing with the new handheld, taking pictures of each other with the system's built-in camera. When they went to retrieve the photos, they discovered there were already some pictures in the system's memory — about a dozen pornographic images.

"It was a shocker because we had family here, and there were a lot of kids here," Mayhew told WAVY. "The kids were the ones that discovered those pictures."


Mayhew's first thought was the inclusion of the pictures might be a Nintendo error of some sort. Upon discovering the pictures carried an early December timestamp, however, he now believes the item was purchased and then returned to the Walmart, with the offending images still in memory.

WAVY's 10 On Your Side consumer advocacy program contacted Walmart for comment, but has yet to hear back. Not sure what the retailer could do at this point. A new 3DS would be nice, but the psychological damage is already done.

Note the news story refers to the system as a Nintendo DS, while the video clearly shows a 3DS.


Okay then. We've seen enough of these stories now. Time to add an extra step to the "purchasing a console for your children" checklist.