EA Sports picked one hell of a day to confirm its NBA title's name change. Not like anyone will remember today for Michael Jordan returning to video games, Ken Griffey Jr. retiring, or the worst umpiring mistake in baseball history.

Anyway, it's official: NBA Live is no more, it will be replaced by NBA Elite 11. The publisher confirmed the name change in a news release this morning, promising a new real-time physics system that takes the place of two-man animated interactions "that have long taken the user control out of basketball simulation video games." A news release went on to describe the game's new right-analog input for shooting, passing, and other on-court actions. "It is like being on a basketball court with an amazing set of skills," said David Littman, the series' creative director.

Yeah, but did you see how that ump totally screwed the Detroit pitcher?! WTF was he thinking!!!