Oh Boy This Warhammer 40K Cosplay

Here’s Russian cosplayer Polina Vishnevskaya with some absolutely incredible Warhammer 40K work.


She’s cosplaying as Saint Celestine, and if you’re wondering what the writing is on her wings, it’s just her Instagram account name serving as a living watermark (probably to help out when 1,000,000 Facebook and Twitter accounts rip the video below).

Cosplay by polinavish| Photo by whiteangellight
Cosplay by polinavish| Photo by whiteangellight

You can see more of Polina’s cosplay at her Instagram and VK pages.

via Super Punch

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Whenever I look at these cosplay articles, I really wish I could like, find a group of people who are into making complex costumes like this, and then be a model for them. Because I think I might have a good body type for it, but holy hell do I not have the patience or wherewithal to build stuff like this.