Oh Boy, A New Nausicaa Game (Well, It's Close Enough)

The developers of Aegis Defenders describe it as a "16-bit tactical platformer". It's also a game that owes a lot of its gorgeous art style to the films of Studio Ghibli, Nausicaa in particular.

Aegis Defenders is a class-based game, one that'll feature singleplayer co-op, sort of like Trine, only here once you abandon one character it stays on the level and assumes a passive ability, meaning there's strategy involved in not just when to switch, but where. So, kinda like Lost Vikings!


Being a Kickstarter project, Aegis Defenders is looking to add stuff like more classes and local co-op as stretch goals. For now, though, they're asking for a very reasonable $65,000, and you can pitch in here.

Know that there have been official Nausicaa games in the past. They've been awful. HG101 has a good round-up. That is, if your eyeballs can take it.