I wasn’t sure about Jared Leto’s Joker in the early images. The full Suicide Squad movie trailer didn’t help. Today I was there when Mattel debuted the official action figures and nope, still not feelin’ it.

I’m keen on the movie as a thing. The Suicide Squad comics have always been a lot of fun, and I’m hopeful that spirit lives on in the film. But this?

12 inch shirtless Joker, for when he wants to show off his tats

Nope. Not liking this. It’s a little better smaller in a purple jacket.

6 inch Joker in purple jacket.

He’s goofy. In fact, you know who’s scarier than the joker in this line? This guy.

He’s Batman.

Take the human mouth away from Batman and suddenly you start to get why the criminals have been pissing themselves all these years. That’s damn creepy

You had me at “I’m...”

I guess it makes sense. Batman’s not the hero of this picture. Will Smith is the hero of this picture. That’s why Mattel’s showing off a 12 inch Will Smith.

Or Deadshot, but really Will Smith.

As well as a 6 inch Will Smith. Not sure which of the two is more realistic. I guess we’d have to ask Jada.

I am sorry I made a dick joke, Mr. Smith. I still love you.

I did my best to get shots of the other three characters shown from the 6 inch line, but it wasn’t easy. Imagine 200 tubby bearded men armed with Canon cameras all trying to snap shots of figures on a display cart with whees. There was falling. And pushing. And smelling. I helped.

“I’m Captain...” “Yes, we can see what you are a Captain of.”

The line is very keen on coats. Trench coats, short ccut leather jackets, that sort of thing

I prefer Katana from the Arrow TV show, giant forehead and all.
I really dig the lip sculpt on this though. She has no fucks to give.

And some characters have no jackets at all, like this lifelike rendition of Willem Dafoe. It’s weird, as he’s not in the movie, but excellent likeness.

“Don’t tell Harry.”

Yes, I know. Several characters are missing from the initial line-up. One in particular. Where’s the Harley?

DC Super Hero Girls Harley is so adorable.

There you go. Maybe not the one you ere looking for, but there’s so many it really doesn’t matter.


Look for the Suicide Squad figures in stores well before the movie, because that’s how Mattel does.

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