Official Pokémon-Themed...Fishing Lures

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Screenshot: Duo
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The amount of Pokémon branding in Japan is intense. And with the arrival of these fishing lures, it seems the pocket monsters can be slapped on just about anything.


As Go Nintendo points out, Japanese fishing equipment company Duo has teamed up with The Pokémon Company for made-in-Japan Pikachu and Kygore-themed lures. One is a “slow jitter type,” while the other is a “crawler type.”

Duo explains that Pikachu’s tail “is not only a well-designed element but is also functional and effective in getting you that catch.” (It adds that the ears can be easily damaged so be careful when casting the lure!)

In all my time covering games, I’ve never seen game-themed fishing equipment. A first for me!

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i dont care for pikachu but the kyogre lure is nice. makes me wanna go fishing...or take a bath